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When embarking on a clean up project, renting a dumpster can be a lifesaver. However, understanding what items are allowed for disposal is crucial to ensure a smooth rental experience and compliance with regulations. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you can and can’t dispose of when renting a dumpster for your cleaning needs.

  1. General Waste:
  • Household items: Furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpets, clothing, broken children toys, boxes, outdoor furniture
  • Construction debris: Wood, drywall, plaster, insulation, concrete disposal, dirt haul off, roofing debris, siding and tile disposal
  • Yard waste: Branches, leaves, grass clippings, landscape debris

2. Hazardous Material:

  • Prohibited items: Wet paints, solvents, pesticides, chemicals, asbestos material, automotive oils, flammable liquids batteries, sewer sludge, burn pit ash
  • Alternative Disposal: Contact your local hazardous waste disposal facility for proper disposal options

3. Electronics:

  • Allowed Items: TV’s, computers and printers
  • Special considerations: Some electronics may require separate disposal methods due to their hazardous components

4. Appliances

  • Allowed Items: Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dish washers, dryers.
  • Preparation: Ensure refrigerators are emptied of food and washing machines are drained of water.

5. Tires:

  • Allowed with Restrictions: Some rental companies accept tires but may charge an additional fee. Check with your rental provider for specific guidelines.

6. Furniture and Mattresses:

  • Allowed items: sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, couches, outdoor furniture

7. Concrete and Asphalt:

  • Allowed Items: Concrete and asphalt must be clean with no trash included. Rebar is allowed to be mixed with concrete.
  • Special Consideration: Large quantities of concrete may require special arrangements due to weight restrictions.


Renting a dumpster for your cleaning project offers convenience and efficiency, but its essential to understand what items are permissible for disposal. By adhering to these guidelines and consulting with your rental provider when in doubt, you can ensure a hassle-free experience while staying compliant with regulations. Happy Cleaning!